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Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme

The Instant Asset Write-Off scheme offers an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to invest in assets such as solar systems. Andrew As a part of the federal government’s #roadtorecovery, multiple stimulus measures have been announced, including expansion of the Instant Asset Write-Off scheme. Under the Instant Asset Write-off scheme, eligible businesses can…

Demystifying STCs: Why Now Is The Time To Install Solar

Demystifying STCs: Why Now Is The Time To Install Solar What is an STC? The Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) is a government initiative that Canberra is determined not be labelled a ‘rebate’. This is technically true but, from your business’s perspective, it’s splitting hairs. For your purposes, the STC scheme is one that provides you … Continued

Solar Industry: Safe, sound, and shining despite COVID-19

Solar Industry: Safe, sound, and shining We’re prepared, we’re resilient, and we’re looking to the future. Here’s how. despite COVID-19 2020’s grey swan, COVID-19, has had an impact on every single person on this planet. The pandemic’s scope encompasses everyone, from the individual to the largest companies in the world. The solar industry is no exception. … Continued

Power Purchase Agreements: Your business’ solar solution

Power Purchase Agreements: We have successfully completed over 3,000 solar installations for businesses across Australia. Your business’ solar solution If your business has decided to install solar panels, it may be difficult to know where to begin. There is no doubt solar is one of the cheapest electricity sources, but what is going to be … Continued

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