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Written By: GEE Energy    8 July, 2022

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So, you have decided to power your business with solar and are exploring the market for retailers and installers who can fulfil your requirements. The problem – where does one start and what should they look for to ensure that their solar installation is up to the mark?

The solar power industry in Australia is experiencing rapid development and the growing shift towards renewable energy is furthering its cause. Unfortunately, this has also led the market to be saturated with sub-standard solar imports and less than competent solar retailers who would rather focus on a ‘too good to be true’ deal rather than good products.

What if we tell you that you can bypass all these challenges by knowing how to find a good solar retailer for installing a commercial solar system for your business?

Here are the top mistakes to avoid before getting solar for your business!

Top Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Solar for Business

Not Researching Enough

When choosing a commercial solar system, it is imperative that you, as the business owner, conduct a thorough market research and choose a retailer who offers the best solar quote that meet the specific energy requirements of your business.

Getting Solar from Non-approved Retailers

As we addressed this earlier, you might find hundreds of solar retailers in the solar market ready to offer you the best deal on commercial solar systems that focus more on discounts rather than quality. It is advisable that you only get solar systems from retailers approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) – the main governing body for clean energy in Australia.

Installation by Non-accredited Solar Installers

Just like solar retailers, solar installers in Australia are also required to meet industry standards of competency to properly install solar systems. Solar installed by a non-accredited solar installer may not be safety compliant and could lead to hazard risks. Remember to only install solar from CEC-accredited solar technicians.

Getting substandard solar products

Solar system installations completed by non-accredited solar retailers and installers also have a high chance of being comprised of substandard solar components that do not meet industry standards. Only CEC-vetted retailers like GEE Energy provide Tier 1 solar panels & high-quality inverters that come with above-industry standard warranties.

Not Checking Warranties

Not checking for warranty terms before solar installation could lead to major challenges down the line regarding faulty components and their associated risks. Always read the fine print and check for product, manufacturer, inverter, and panel warranty before installing solar for your business.

Not Being Aware of Consumer Protection Laws

Even if you are a business owner, your rights as a B2B consumer is protected under Australian Law. You can read the Consumer Rights for Solar Power to know more. You can also follow CEC’s buyer’s guides for more information.

Losing Out on Incentives

Did you know you can significantly cut the upfront cost of your commercial solar system through various rebates and incentives? Not being aware of financial benefits like STCs, LGCs, and Victorian solar rebates can lead many business owners to pay more for a solar system when it can actually make their purchase more affordable.

Key Takeaways

  • Always research the market to make an informed decision before going solar.
  • Ensure that the solar retailer and installer are CEC-vetted professionals.
  • Read the fine print of warranty documents.
  • Be aware of your rights as a consumer under Australian law.

Ready to invest in the future of energy and power with solar? Connect with our experts for an obligation-free solar consultation.

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