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Written By: GEE Energy    13 May, 2022

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Businesses and households across Australia are welcoming the concept of sustainability in all walks of life, especially in the way they consume electricity.

Many gravitate towards environment-friendly energy sources like on-grid (grid connected) and off-grid solar power systems to save money on utility bills and offset carbon emissions. This also allows them to become proponents of clean & green power consumption.

Another type of solar power system that is gradually gaining interest among Australians is the Hybrid Solar System. Let us further explore how hybrid solar systems work, its benefits, and the best application areas.

What are Hybrid Solar Systems?

Hybrid solar PV systems are a mix of on-grid and off-grid solar power systems, i.e., grid-tied solar system with battery storage. With hybrid solar, you get an upgraded source of power generation that combines the best features of on-grid and off-grid solar systems.

How does hybrid solar system work?

Hybrid solar power systems operate like a typical solar system, and stores excess energy generated into solar batteries like off-grid systems. The only difference is that any additional power generated can be further fed back into the grid.

What are the components of a hybrid solar system?

Solar Panels

Solar panels are comprised of a collection of solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity.


Solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be utilised to power the property.

Solar Battery

Solar batteries are used for storing excess power generated by a solar system, and can be used when required, especially during emergencies.

What are the benefits of hybrid solar system?

There are many benefits of using hybrid solar systems, some of which are:

Get the best of both worlds

As previously mentioned, a hybrid solar system combines the best aspects of both on-grid and off-grid systems. You get to be considerably self-sufficient while also having a back-up option to rely on as a hybrid grid solar system.

Invest in a future-oriented asset for your business

Technological innovation comes with the realm of solar power, which means choosing hybrid solar is not just a future-oriented decision, but a smart choice.

Enjoy cost-effective energy production and utilisation

Hybrid solar systems can help in considerably reducing electricity bills and also allow users to store any excess off-peak (low-cost) electricity generated by the system.

Downsize battery capacity and save on unnecessary expenses

Since hybrid solar systems combine both battery storage and grid connectivity, you can choose to install a solar battery storage of lower capacity and avoid any unnecessary spendings for the same.

Switch to off-grid in case of grid failure

While grid connectivity with a hybrid solar system provides electricity when there isn’t much solar power generation, the same holds true vice versa when the grid fails, allowing you to stay powered up off-grid.

Get uninterrupted supply of power even during emergencies

Hybrid solar systems allow commercial and residential establishments enjoy continuous supply of power without having to rely too much either on the grid or on solar during unforeseen circumstances.

What should I keep in mind before getting a hybrid solar system?

Here are some things to consider before choosing a hybrid solar system:

You may have to pay higher upfront costs

Since hybrid solar systems are the next big upgrade in sustainable power and combine the best of both on-grid and off-grid solar, its upfront costs can be high, mostly due to the complex installation process.

Hybrid solar systems can require regular maintenance

Just like an off-grid solar system, hybrid solar installations also require maintenance on a regular basis mainly in terms of battery servicing and replacement.

There might be limited usage of back-up power

Another thing to consider when opting for a hybrid solar system is to understand that back-up power is only available for supporting critical loads and not all appliances may run on it.

To summarise

While there are certain things you should consider before choosing to opt for a sustainable power upgrade like hybrid solar systems, rest assured that it comes with several advantages that can benefit you in the long run.

We understand that going solar is a big commitment, and we also recognise that it’s the right step towards building a sustainable future for the next generation. Let us become a part of this movement together!

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