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Written By: GEE Energy   06 Dec, 2022

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Choosing the right mount for a solar panel can be a tricky job. Roof mount and ground mount are both great options, but one needs to know which one is more suitable as per their needs and existing facilities. Let’s dive deep into the subject to see who wins in a race between roof-mounted solar and ground-mounted solar.

Ground-mounted solar

Ground-mounted solar panels are those that can be installed directly on the ground. These are free-standing solar arrays installed on single poles or on metal frames. These are of great benefit if your roof is not suitable for solar panel installation.

Advantages of Ground-Mounted Solar

Vacate your roof:

Either you want your roof clear of any panels or your roof is not suitable for solar panel installation. No matter what your reason is, choosing a ground-mounted solar system can be a game changer. They function as well as roof top panels and don’t hinder the aesthetics of your roof, either.

More efficient:

One can place the ground-mounted solar panels by keeping in mind all the obstructions. An even greater benefit is that one can adjust its location according to the season. This makes a ground-mounted solar panel 10-45% more efficient than a roof-mounted solar panel.

Easy to expand:

Our energy needs are not the same throughout our lifetimes. Our consumption patterns change, and of these, the most suitable option is ground mounted solar panels. A ground-mounted solar panel is easier to expand than a roof-mounted one.

Multi-purpose capabilities:

A ground mounted solar panel can benefit you with an added canopy for your parking space or any other shaded space that you might need.

Roof-mounted solar

Roof mounted solar panels are the most common solar panel installations. In this case, solar panels are directly installed on the rooftop. These are the conventional solar panels that are commonly seen. Hence, if your rooftop is suitable, this is an easy, convenient option you can go for as you won’t need extra land..

Benefits of roof-mounted solar

Low upfront cost:

Roof mounted solar systems are popular among most of us because they are more affordable than ground mounted solar systems. It also takes less time to install such a solar system.

Reuse extra space:

This is the place that will need the most work if you choose a ground-mount solar system, but with a roof-mounted solar system, this is already taken care of. No soil survey, worry about property leasing or purchase. You have a roof, and that’s all you need to get started.

Clutter out of sight:

A solar panel system is not aesthetically appealing. Placing a piece of machinery in the middle of your lawn may make it appear like a mini-industry. When you choose a roof-top solar system, the unappealing panels are out of sight, and everything not so beautiful yet important is on the rooftop.


Finally, when comparing roof-mounted solar vs. ground-mounted solar, both are excellent options, but their suitability is dependent on your needs and the existing amenities you must install in your premises. The ideal option will, in the end, depend on your site’s condition. Hence, connect to an expert today to know what is best for you.

Key Takeaways

  • A detailed comparison between roof-mounted solar and ground-mounted solar can be read in the above blog.
  • Although rooftop solar is less expensive, ground-mounted solar is more efficient.Both options have numerous additional advantages and disadvantages.
  • Read on to see what best meets your needs in terms of current energy demand.

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