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Written By: GEE Energy    31 March, 2022

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Solar power is popular for being a green source of energy that doesn’t adversely affect the environment. In Australia, solar installations continue to gain steam and are projected to be the dominant source of energy in coming years.

However, there are some who are still sceptical about its application as a sustainable energy source. This has further given rise to various misconceptions about solar energy that people believe, and thus, remain unconvinced about using it to power their home.

We are here to debunk the top myths about solar and highlight solar energy facts you should know. Let’s get to it!

Common Misconceptions and Myths About Solar Power

top 15 solar myths about solar systems

Myth #1 – Solar System Doesn’t Work on Cloudy or Rainy Days

One of the top myths about solar panels is that they don’t work in an overcast sky. While solar panels are at maximum efficiency during the daytime when the sun is at its peak, it doesn’t mean that it will not work during cloudy or rainy weather. Yes, its power output will not be as optimal, but it will still produce enough electricity to power your home during the daytime.

Myth #2 – Solar Power is Too Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, a typical residential solar system in the long run proves to be significantly more affordable than conventional sources of electricity. As a one-time investment that offers long-term benefits, solar power helps you cut your energy bills by up to 80% and increases your return on investment.

Myth #3 – Cheaper Residential Solar Systems are the Best

Let us be the first to inform you that this misconception isn’t just false, but dangerous as well. Like any cheap electrical appliance, discounted or low-priced solar systems use substandard components which could prove to be extremely harmful and hazardous. It is advised to only consult solar retailers and technicians who are approved by the Clean Energy Council.

Myth #4 – Solar Power Isn’t Required if I Don’t Use Power During the Day

Even if you don’t use any power during the day, there are still certain appliances like refrigerators that continue to run even in your absence. When you go solar, such appliances can continue to run on clean energy and not put a dent in your electricity bill!

Myth #5 – Rooftop Solar Panels Can Damage Roof

One of the most prominent misconceptions about solar panels is that they can damage roof structures. Most solar panels installed in residential properties are rooftop or roof mount so as to ensure maximum panel efficiency. While it is natural to be concerned about any kind of installation work done on your home, be assured that installing solar from CEC-accredited solar installers will ensure that your roof receives no damage. In fact, solar panels can actually protect your roof from different weather conditions and debris.

Myth #6 – Solar Panels System Stop Working When Dirty

Another common solar panel myth is that they don’t work when covered in dirt. Since solar panels are exposed to external elements, it naturally attracts some dirt or dust. You can easily remove any excess pollution from the panels or consult your solar retailer for upkeep and maintenance. Rest assured, a little dust or dirt will not affect the panel efficiency of your solar system.

Myth #7 – Solar Installations are High Maintenance

Quite the opposite in fact; residential solar systems are reliable and low maintenance, requiring only minimal upkeep every once in a while. Once your solar system is installed, you only need to keep it clean of dust/debris build-up or get assistance in case of damage to any component. Solar systems are designed to be sturdy and last a long time.

Myth #8 – Solar System For Home will Affect My Home’s Resale Value

Yes, solar can affect your home’s resale value – extremely positively! One of the biggest solar power facts is that residential properties with solar panels have a higher value in the real estate market than conventional properties. Studies have shown that solar-installed homes come across as future-ready, which attracts many climate-conscious and socially aware buyers, i.e., those who know that solar is the future of energy and power.

Myth #9 – Solar System Only Works in Warm Climate

While solar panels do work at their best when they get optimal sunshine, it doesn’t require you to move somewhere warmer just to get solar. Solar systems convert sunlight into energy, it is not affected by temperature or regional climate conditions. Therefore, no matter where you reside and irrespective of climate conditions, solar will continue to power your home without any hassle.

Myth #10 – Solar Power System Will Not Provide Power at Night

Solar systems typically work during the daytime, however, there is no reason why they can’t continue to power your home during the night. Usually, homes with on-grid solar systems are powered throughout the day with solar and via grid during night-time. Any excess power generated during the day can also be fed back to the grid, for which you can receive a feed-in tariff. On the other hand, solar batteries allow you to store excess power generated by your solar system and use it later at night or provide backup power.

Myth #11 – Solar Power Technology Still Improving, I Will Wait for an Upgrade

Of course, technological innovation in the field of solar power is always evolving and changing as research in this field continues to progress. However, that’s a continuous process and will go on for a long time. You can always choose to install the best solar system for your home today, and if possible, upgrade it in the future according to your energy requirements.

Myth #12 – Solar Panels Absorb More and Produce Less

This is far from the truth. Solar panels are designed to be extremely efficient at generating optimal energy that can keep your home powered up throughout the day. Moreover, solar panels can fulfill your household energy requirements even when it is not that sunny, which means they can absorb less and still produce sufficient energy rather than the other way around.

Myth #13 – Solar Power Doesn’t Provide Immediate Paybacks

Solar power for your home provides a high return on investment, cost savings, and significant payback even after years after installation. To put it simply, installing a solar system is one of the best long-term investment options for your home.

Myth #14 – All Solar Retailers in Australia are the Same

We understand it can be confusing, and frankly quite overwhelming to be bombarded with hundreds of offers from solar retailers every time you search for one. They all seem to be saying the same thing, promising the same benefits, and maybe even lower their prices to such an extent that it certainly seems too good to be true. Fret not. Always look for CEC-approved solar retailers who only work with CEC-accredited solar technicians.

Myth #15 – Solar Panels are Visually Unappealing

Visual aesthetics often determine how our house appears to others; it becomes a reflection of ourselves. However, installing solar panels will not diminish that visual appeal; in fact, it will actually enhance it! Furthermore, as we had previously mentioned, most residential solar systems are rooftops, hence it won’t be visible most of the time. Even if it is, it will only improve the aesthetics of your home.

Key Points:

  • Solar power is popular for being a green source of energy that doesn’t adversely affect the environment.
  • In Australia, solar installations continue to gain steam and are projected to be the dominant source of energy in the coming years.
  • There are some who are skeptical and have myths about solar installations.
  • However, we have debunked the top myths about solar installation and highlighted solar energy facts you should know.


There are always going to be sceptical beliefs around any kind of innovation that defies convention, and that is okay. What we can do is shed some light on actual facts about solar energy and be more aware about which option proves to be more beneficial in the long run – both for us and for generations to come.

Solar power will continue to benefit you and your family for the foreseeable future – and GEE will make sure that you and your property are future-ready!

Next Steps

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