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It has become extremely crucial for Australian businesses to do their part for not just the communities they serve, but the overall betterment of the planet; and many have begun to consider renewable energy sources like solar to power their businesses.

In fact, the Australian Federal Government and various state governments have even introduced special schemes for businesses to encourage them to adopt green energy sources like solar for their business.

Here are the different commercial solar rebates, incentives, and grants that businesses can avail for choosing commercial solar:

Victorian Solar Rebate for Business

The Victorian Solar for Business program is a commercial solar rebate that allows businesses in the state to avail government benefits in the form of solar rebates worth up to $3500, with an additional interest-free loan worth between $1000 and $5000 for qualified businesses.

STCs and LGCs

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) are federal government initiatives for commercial solar power that make it easier for businesses to go solar. STCs reduce the upfront cost of a solar PV installation by around 30-35% for system sizes up to 100kW. LGCs are solar incentives for businesses interested in large commercial solar systems over 100kW capacity.

Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in tariffs refer to the amount you get paid when your solar system feeds excess power back into the grid. These are credited via your electricity bill. Since tariff rates vary between states and territories, you can check current rates for your business either on the State Government portal or through your local electricity provider.

Commercial Solar Grants and Loans

Apart from federal government rebates and incentives for commercial solar, there are several grants and loans that allow businesses to invest in renewable sources. Some of them are:

Building Upgrade Finance:

This agreement allows businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia get low-interest loans for environmental upgrades like solar installations.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC):

The CEFC is an Australian Government-owned Green Bank that provides financing and investment options in the clean energy technology space.

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