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Written By: GEE Energy    21 Oct, 2022

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Installing an off-grid solar system was once used to be weird idea due to its immense size and the space it took. In contemporary times one can see off-grid solar systems being used more commonly as there is an advancement in technology. Today we will discuss everything about the off-grid solar system, as they are now a part of the mainstream solar system setups.

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System?

Off-grid solar means fulfilling all your energy needs with the help of the Sun and taking no assistance from the electrical grid. An off-grid solar system is built with all the needed equipment to generate, store as well as supply solar energy on the site of installation without being dependent on the grid system. It is not connected to any external power source and hence, it’s also called a “standalone solar power system”.

To understand the off-grid solar system better we must know a little about the on-grid solar system too.

What Is an On-Grid Solar System?

An on-grid solar system is also known as a grid-tie or connected solar system. It means that if excess energy is produced then it will be transferred to the grid and if there is a power deficiency then power can be transferred from the grid. Hence, it’s not completely dependent on solar energy.

Difference Between On-grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems

1.       The major difference is that the on-grid solar system is not completely dependent on the sun and batteries but it can pull energy from the utility grid too but the off-grid solar system is completely dependent on the sun and batteries.  

2.       If excess energy is generated then in the off-grid solar kit it is saved in the batteries but in the on-grid, the extra energy is sent to the grid which can help you get credit for this excess energy.

3.       If your system is off-grid then you won’t receive any electricity bill but if it’s on-grid then you will still receive an electricity bill.

How Does an Off-Grid Solar System Work?

Step 1: The sunlight reaches the panels and generates an electric field that goes through the charge controller to charge the batteries and run the appliances.

Step 2: When your batteries are full the solar energy passes through the inverter charger and then it is used to run the household appliances.

Step 3: When your solar system is charged the energy passes through the system charge controller and it charges your batteries which generates the power that can be used in households.

Step 4: Whenever you use the energy DC power passes through the inverter charger and it’s converted into 240V power which can help run your appliances.


Essential Equipment of an Off-Grid Solar System are:

·        Solar Panel

·        Solar Charge controller

·        Solar Inverter

·        Solar Battery

·        Mounting and Racking system

·        Wiring

·        Junction boxes

Benefits of the Off-Grid Solar System

1.       Freedom from the electric grid and electricity bills. This system is completely dependent on the sun and independent of the grid.

2.       Contribute to the environment and tackle climate change. Using solar energy cuts our emission of carbon as we are not contributing to the burning of fuels anymore.

3. One-time investment and relief for many years. Once you have installed an off-grid power system you won’t be paying the electricity bills and the maintenance of the solar system is also negligible.


Even though the best solar system for you depends on your needs but as per experts off-grid solar power is a must check out the option to cut down on your electricity bill and to mark your contribution with low carbon footprints.

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Key Points

1.       A blog about the off-grid solar power system is here to help you know everything about this system.

2.       Know the difference between the on-grid and off-grid solar system and explore the benefits of stand-alone solar system.

3.       One can read about the functioning of the stand-alone solar system as well as the reason why it can be the best solar system for your household.


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