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Written By: GEE Energy    31 March, 2022

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Benefits of Residential Solar – Tapping into the Sun’s Potential

These days, the various advantages of using solar energy can be mostly witnessed in its potential to minimise the negative impact of conventional energy generation sources, like coal, on the environment.

The significant benefits of solar energy in Australia are notable since the nation receives abundant sunlight and is considered one of the sunniest places in the world; which also makes it a highly profitable market for solar power production.

This is further proven by the fact that the growth of rooftop and residential solar systems is reportedly leading the renewable energy transformation in Australia, i.e. Aussie homes are taking full advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

What are the Advantages of Solar Energy for Your Home?

There are several advantages of solar power for homes that can significantly improve and upgrade the way you live.

Let’s check out the various benefits of solar power for your home!

Solar Power Systems Help you Save on your Power Bills

One of the biggest solar energy advantages that you are almost always guaranteed to get is savings. The financial benefit of solar energy is immense as you get to enjoy significant savings on your electricity bills.

Solar Panels for Home are Low-Maintenance and Do Not Require Daily Cleaning

A major advantage of solar panels is the fact that these components are absolutely low-maintenance and only require minimal upkeep unless there are any physical damages. Moreover, the benefits of solar panels in general are enough for you to consider going solar.

Residential Solar System Installations Can Increase Property Value

Yes, you read that right! Among the various advantages of solar systems, studies have shown that installing solar in your home can significantly increase its property value.

Solar Power is Environment-Friendly and Does Not Cause Pollution

There are several advantages of solar for the environment, the most obvious one being that it doesn’t contribute any harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Avail of Government Rebates & Incentives for Going Solar for Home

You can cut the upfront cost of your residential solar system by availing of state-specific government incentives and rebates like STCs and the Victoria Solar Rebate for installing a solar system.

Solar Panel (PV) Rebate

A snapshot of the solar panel rebate structure is stated below (Subject to individual eligibility criteria):

  • Residential Rebate – $1400
  • Residential Interest-free Loan – $1400


Residential solar Installlation
residential house with rooftop covered with solar photovoltaic panels producing clean energy

Residential Solar Systems Do Not Take Up Lots of Space

Going solar is a great way to utilize available roof space while avoiding any clutter in the surrounding area of your residential property.

Residential Solar System Installations are Quick, Simple, and Hassle-Free

The actual installation of solar panels may only be the shortest part of the entire process from design to grid connection. Only some CEC-approved solar retailers like GEE Energy have a streamlined process to ensure the installation is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You Can Be Your Own Electricity Producer With a Residential Solar System

Get the power to generate your own electricity and reduce reliance on the grid! When you choose solar, you get to be an energy-independent homeowner.

Solar For Home is a Low-Cost Investment With High ROI

Another advantage of solar energy is that you can enjoy significant savings and payback on your one-time solar investment. A solar system is one of the best long-term investment options for residential properties.

Solar Power Installations Protect Your Roof From Changes in Weather and Debris

A significant advantage of solar panels is that it can protect the roof of your home from different weather conditions like rain and snow, and also shield it from any debris.

Residential Solar Panels Can lower Roof Temperature and Keep the Surface Cool

Solar panels can keep the surface of your home cool while also reducing your energy costs by lowering roof temperature. It’s a win-win situation for Aussie homeowners, especially during the hot summer months!

Store Excess Solar Power With Solar Batteries and Forget Load Shedding Woes

We know that unexpected power cuts can affect your household, especially when you are completely reliant on the grid. However, with solar batteries, you can store excess power generated by your solar system and use it during such scenarios, without any hassle.

What are the Common Features of a CEC Compliant Residential Solar System?

Some common features of a typical residential solar system that is installed by a CEC-vetted installer include the following:

  • Tier-1 solar panels
  • High-efficiency inverters
  • 25-year panel performance warranty
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Flexible roof mounting solution
  • Local Australian support

Advantages of Going Solar With a CEC-Approved Solar Retailer

Not all solar retailers and solar installation service providers actually possess the right acumen to offer above-industry-standard products and services. However, solar retailers like GEE Energy ensure that you get the right solar system according to your requirements.

Here’s what you get when you go solar with us:

  • Accessible presence across Australia
  • Clean Energy Council-approved solar retailer
  • Post-installation assistance and support
  • Supreme Tier 1 panels and high-quality inverters
  • Customer-first approach

Key Takeaways

  • Adverse effects of climate change and use of fossil fuels have significantly impacted the environment.
  • Conventional energy sources and complete grid reliance can also lead to high electricity bills.
  • You can overcome these challenges by switching to renewable energy sources like solar power.
  • Solar isn’t just the need of the hour, but a necessity for ensuring a sustainable future.

GEE will make sure that you and your home are future-ready for generations to come!

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