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Life support

Some of our customers don’t just need electricity to keep the lights on, they need it to survive. So we take situations where a customer is on life support very, very seriously.

We need to know if someone at your property relies on life support equipment so that we can register your energy supply with life support protections.

What equipment is considered as “life support”?

Customers on life support require specialised protection to ensure that their energy supply remains uninterrupted and their equipment continues to work as it should. You can register as a life support customer if you (or someone at your property) relies on any of the following equipment:

  • Oxygen concentrator;
  • Intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine;
  • Kidney dialysis machine;
  • Chronic positive airways pressure respirator;
  • A ventilator for life support (also known as a respirator);
  • Any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies is required.

How do I register as a life support customer?

The best way is to call us and let us know that you rely on life support equipment, and we will make sure the local distributor (the company that looks after the poles and wires) is aware to protect your residence from outages. We will also provide you with a life support registration form.

Your doctor will help to complete and sign all sections of the life support registration form. Send the form back to us by the nominated due date and we will make sure your life support protection has been registered.

It’s really important that you return the completed form by the due date, or you could risk the distribution company not protecting the residence under their life support systems.

What happens during planned interruptions?

In the rare event where GEE or your distribution business interrupts supply for maintenance or other reasons, you will receive written notice at least four business days in advance. This is a regulated requirement that we take very seriously, so you can be assured there will be no planned outages without notice.

What happens when the power goes out?

Sometimes a tree branch falls on power lines causing the lights to go out, or a whole suburb can go down dues to an accident during construction work -these events are called “unplanned outages”. If there is life support equipment on your property and you find yourself with no electricity, you need to contact your local distributor immediately.

The details of your distributor are on the top right corner of your bill or visit the Australian Energy Regulator’s website.

In case of an emergency

It is important to be prepared for an unexpected interruption to your energy. Below are some tips for your Life Support action plan:

  • Keep all your emergency numbers in a safe place. These should include your doctor, nearest hospital, an emergency contact and your local distributor and energy retailer;
  • Make sure back up batteries to your life support equipment are always charged;
  • Ensure any back up oxygen tanks are full;
  • Have a portable mobile phone charger fully charged at all times;
  • Talk to your medical practitioner for any additional advice that applies to your life support equipment.

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