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Written By: GEE Energy    26 April, 2022

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Over the past couple of years, awareness around renewable sources of energy and solar power in particular has gained traction across the world. In Australia, the demand for such sustainable power has been growing in an effort to boost the nation’s fight against the harmful effects of climate change and global warming.

Furthermore, developments in the field of commercial solar batteries or energy storage systems have been progressing rapidly, making it a must-have, and in some cases, a necessary upgrade to solar power systems.

What is a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries are designed to store excess electricity produced by a solar power system, which can be used when required. It can work with all on-grid, off-grid as well as hybrid solar power systems. You can read more about solar batteries here.

What are the Benefits of Solar Batteries?

Let us explore the top benefits of commercial solar battery storage for businesses.

1. Substantial savings on utility bills

A solar power system that also includes battery storage can help businesses save significantly on utility costs as they don’t have to rely on the conventional grid system for most operations. Whatever excess power a commercial solar system generates can be stored in batteries and reused as and when required.

2. Excellent energy security & power back-up during emergencies

Since solar batteries store excess power generated by the solar system, it serves as an excellent power back-up option during emergency situations like sudden power outages. This is especially great for businesses based in areas that are prone to regular grid related issues and blackouts.

3. Reliable source of power supply

Commercial solar batteries are a reliable source of energy supply as they can power businesses even when the installed solar panels aren’t producing electricity. This also makes solar a great alternative to conventional power generation sources as grid decentralisation continues in full steam across Australia.

4. Energy-independence with off-grid application

Businesses can reduce their reliance on the grid, and some may even consider going off-grid (if feasible) with solar batteries, depending on their energy consumption and usage patterns. It can also safeguard businesses during unexpected power-related issues without affecting daily operations.

5. Significant reduction in operational expenses

It is known that going solar can help business owners in saving significantly on the operational costs of their company. By upgrading with battery storage solutions, businesses can become even more cashflow positive, maximise operational efficiency, and of course, enjoy considerable cost savings.

6. High energy efficiency

The efficiency of commercial solar batteries is determined by the total amount of energy that is stored and converted to electricity which can be used to power a business. High energy efficiency means more productivity and better outcomes for the business in the long run.

7. Environment-friendly corporate image

By conserving solar power for future use via commercial solar batteries, businesses ensure that their efforts to go green continues to progress and benefits all its stakeholders in the long run. What’s more, going ‘green’ with solar + battery systems can boost their corporate image as well and improve customer perception.

8. No noise pollution

Apart from being environment-friendly, solar batteries are also noiseless and don’t cause any noise pollution. These silent yet powerful components do the work without disrupting the overall surrounding / atmosphere of a commercial establishment. This further establishes solar batteries as an excellent addition to any commercial solar system for businesses.

Features of GEE’s commercial battery storage solutions

As a CEC-approved solar retailer, GEE Energy offers a range of battery storage solutions in different sizes and brands to accommodate all business owners.

With the right software combined with battery storage, our battery storage solutions can help businesses:

Store excess solar production during the day for use at night
Manipulate time of use tariffs (TOU) to buy power at off peak rates when it’s cheaper
Provide backup power to their businesses
Sell energy back to the grid at peak times for a premium rate


The advent of solar system installations is gradually opening up the market for solar battery storage solutions. It can play a significant role in transforming the renewable energy space for the better, especially for Australian businesses.

Next steps

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