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What is bill smoothing?

Electricity bills (like most household expenses) fluctuate through the year. Most consumers find that their bills peak in summer months and tend to be lower in the cooler months of the year (depending of course on the type of appliances running in the home). This seasonality can lead to an unexpectedly high energy bill, leading to what is commonly referred to as “bill shock”.

We take bill shock seriously, and that’s why all of our plans come with the option of monthly billing -allowing you to spread your energy costs over 12 fairly consistent amounts. This is quite easy for customers with digital or “smart meters” as we can access data almost instantly and provide accurate bills on a monthly basis.

However some customers still have the old dial meters that need to be manually read every quarter, usually resulting in a large, unpredictable quarterly bill. Fortunately, GEE Energy has a solution to this: Bill Smoothing.

With bill smoothing, you can elect how much you would like to pay each month. For example you may elect to pay $200 per month, and on the third month when an actual data is received we will perform a “true up.” The total quarterly bill may be $550, but as you have already paid $400 over the preceding two months, your true-up amount would be $150.

We will continue to monitor your usage and account balance to ensure you do not overpay or fall behind. If you would like to change the amount you pay each month, you can give us a call or change this in MyAccount.

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