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Written By: GEE Energy    15 June, 2022

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According to Dairy Australia’s most recent report, dairy farming happens to be Australia’s third largest rural industry, with a 37,400+ strong dairy industry workforce. It further stated that most of the milk production takes place in south-eastern Australia due to its ideal climate and natural resources that create favourable conditions for dairy farming in the region.

Since dairy farming is quite labour-intensive, has a huge and constant demand, and needs to operate efficiently for optimum productivity, it also requires lots of energy and power to facilitate these processes.

However, as electricity prices continue to rise exorbitantly throughout Australia with the added burden of fuel emissions, many dairy farmers have begun to shift towards more sustainable practices like installing solar power systems. In doing so, farmers are availing the countless benefits of solar energy for dairy farms and are encouraging more of their peers to make the switch towards solar.

Benefits of Solar for Dairy Farms

Considerable Savings on Utility Bills

As previously stated, one of the biggest reasons dairy farms have begun to go solar is due to rising energy costs from using the utility grid. Solar energy on dairy farms allow farmers to produce their own electricity and safeguard themselves from high electricity costs.

Sufficient Sunlight for Better Efficiency

Another benefit of installing solar panels on a dairy farm lies in the fact that such farms are usually situated in areas that receive ample sunlight. This makes them one of the most ideal application areas for commercial solar power systems. Simply put, more sunlight means more solar power generation during daytime, which happens to be the time when most dairying activities like milking, processing, cooling, etc. takes place.

Ideal Site Conditions

Dairy farms require high pasture growth and ample space to sustain their livestock. This space also gives them the flexibility to install either rooftop or ground-mount solar systems based on their requirements and site conditions.

Low Operational Expenses

One of the biggest advantages of solar for dairy farmers lies in the fact that it reduces operational expenses; which means farmers can make their overall dairy business more profitable over time.

Eco-friendly Power Generation

It has already been established that solar power is renewable and a long-term power source that does not emit any harmful chemicals or gases into the atmosphere. For the dairy industry, going solar can lead such businesses to become more sustainable and also help them fulfil their social, environmental, and economic goals.

Low Carbon Emissions

Lowering carbon emissions is one of the top targets of global environmental groups to reduce the impact of climate change and global warming. Going solar allow dairy farms and businesses to offset their carbon emissions that typically result from sources like machinery, fuel, livestock expulsions, and waste.

High Potential for System Upgrade

Most dairy farms have the potential to grow their business over a period of time, which means more requirements for heavy machinery. Therefore, dairy farms that already have solar systems installed can further upgrade it by adding more solar panels or investing in solar batteries following thorough site inspection and energy consumption patterns by a CEC-accredited solar installer.

Solar installation dairy farms in Australia

Solar Installation for Dairy Farms

We understand that choosing to install solar for your dairy farm is not a decision you will make lightly; so, allow us to assure you that several solar farms across Australia continue to benefit from our solar power system installations.

One of our solar installations for a dairy farm based in Yarroweyah, Northern Victoria allowed the farm owner to enjoy estimated annual savings after solar by up to $8,748.

What’s more, the environmental impact from the solar installation was calculated to be equivalent to 727 trees planted per year, 13,765 kg of burnt coal avoided per year, and 12,072 litres of petrol avoided per year.


Solar power is an excellent asset for the dairy farming industry, a fact that has been established for quite some time now. In Australia, the scope and potential of commercial solar power for dairy farms is immense; so, go ahead and invest in the long-term growth of your dairy business, powered by the sun.

Next Steps

GEE Energy is committed to help clients in taking important and wise decisions about going solar. Let us be your partner in your solar journey.

Check out our commercial solar projects that also include dairy farm solar installations here.

To know more, connect with our solar experts on 1300 707 042 or email us at [email protected]

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