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Written By: GEE Energy   07 Dec, 2022

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Ground-mounted solar panels can be installed anywhere in a lawn, field, or yard. One can choose to place it where the sun can be spotted for the most hours to harness most of the solar energy. Solar energy offers the benefits of going green, decreases the expenditure on electricity bills, is renewable energy, and brings down the carbon footprint. Even though there are immense benefits, one might find the installation a hassle. Ground-mounted solar systems are easy to install with the assistance of experts.

What are Ground-Mounted Solar Systems?

solar panels, which are mounted to the ground with the support of a pole. These panels are positioned in a lawn, yard, or other areas where maximum hours of sunlight can be stored to convert it into solar energy. Ground-mounted PV also has tracking options that allow the panels to move with the sun.

Ground-mounted solar systems are an ideal choice for residential as well as commercial setups.

Benefits of a Ground-Mounted Solar System

  • Ground-mounted solar systems are not dependent on a roof. This gives you the freedom to place your solar PV system where maximum sunlight can be used and stored.
  • If we compare a ground-mounted solar PV system to a roof-mounted solar PV system, the former offers much more freedom. In a roof-mounted solar PV system, there are safety regulation limitations due to the structure of the roof.
  • Ground-mounted solar systems are much more efficient than roof-mounted solar systems.
  • There is airflow underneath the ground-mounted solar system, which keeps the energy system cool and helps in the efficient conversion of sunlight into solar energy.
  • Ground-mounted solar systems are convenient as the number of panels attached to them can be adjusted according to the energy needed. If anyone wishes to expand energy usage with more panels, it can be easily done. However, this privilege is not supported by rooftop solar systems, as the space on the rooftops is limited.

Ground-Mounted Solar Systems for Commercial Purposes

Many companies have open spaces where a ground-mounted solar PV system can be installed. This will use the empty space as well as offer sustainable energy that will bring down the cost of your electricity bill. Ground mounts at factories, schools, and warehouses are becoming a common option to avail themselves of solar energy.

The Advantages of Ground-Mounted PV in Commercial Applications

  • Gives your commercial activity the “green business” label and decreases your business’s carbon footprint.
  • If you have an industrial setting, then it is safe to use. The airflow underneath the ground-mounted solar system keeps the energy system cool.
  • Assist in saving your expenses that are diverted to electricity bills. Hence, it will make your business more profitable overall.

Ground-Mounted Solar System for Homeowners

Homeowners can also use ground-mounted technology as a clean source of energy. Even though generally, when homeowners think of solar PV, they think of rooftop-mounted systems, one must also consider the idea of a ground-mounted solar system. They are more efficient and easier to install, as they need to fulfill fewer safety regulations than roof-mounted solar systems.

The Advantages of Solar Mounted PV in a Residential Setting

  • Homeowners occasionally consume more energy than the rooftop solar system generates. Residential ground-mounted solar panels are better options, as one can always expand the capacity of their solar system by adding more panels to it.
  • doesn’t mess up the aesthetics of your house by hijacking the rooftop.
  • The air passage beneath the solar PV makes it simple to maintain and keeps it cool.


The engineering team at Gee Energy is a great choice to help you out with solar mounting. If you wish to make your commerce or way of life greener, then a ground-mounted solar system is one of the many other options that you have after consulting with the experts at Gee Energy. Connect with us today to get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Ground-mounted solar PV is a convenient way of getting access to solar energy if you have a field, farm, yard, or lawn.
  • The ground-mounted solar systems are suitable for both commercial and residential setups.
  • Read the blog to learn about the benefits you can reap if you choose a ground-mounted solar system for your business or home.

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