Australia’s Solar Transformation can lead to more Employment Opportunities

solar installers in Australia
solar installers in Australia
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Published On: 20 May, 2022

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Latest report by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) reveals that the on-going clean energy transformation across Australia will allow the renewable industry to replace the rapidly declining coal hubs and significantly create more jobs for local communities.

The ACF analysis and its figures are based on the Eraring black coal power plant, which has a generation capacity of 2,880MW and will be shut down by 2025, seven years earlier than the original deadline.

The findings suggest that replacing the power plant with enough solar PV farms could create 14,415 jobs, while wind farms of similar power generation capacity could lead to creation of 13,339 jobs. The biggest opportunity creator is projected to be the rooftop solar PV installation sector, which can create over 63,562 jobs for regional communities.

Kelly O’Shanassy, CEO – ACF was quoted by PV Magazine Australia as saying, “Renewable energy is the winning option for communities that have for decades relied on coal-fired power stations which are now on their last legs”.

You can read the original story here: PV Magazine Australia – Analysis shows solar leads way in employment stakes

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