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Let’s get started with your solar journey!

Let’s get started with your solar journey!

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Let’s get started with your solar journey!

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Solar FAQs

  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • CEC-approved solar retailer
  • Constant follow-up & support post installation
  • Supreme Tier 1 panels & High-quality inverters
  • Supports Diversity and Equality
  • Short installation time
  • Corporate citizenship and social responsibility 

Yes. We offer warranties on installation and products.

  • 25-year performance warranty
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • 10-year panel manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10-year inverter manufacturer’s warranty 

Yes. There are certain Government incentives like Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) that
reduce the upfront cost of a solar PV installation by around 30-35% for system sizes up to 100kW. 1
STC is equivalent to one megawatt hour of electricity generated. The price of STCs changes according
to market conditions.

Victorian residents who are considering going solar get some government benefits in the form of
solar rebates. You can find a snapshot of the rebate structure below:

Solar VIC Rebates Structure (Subject to individual eligibility criteria):

a.Residential Rebate – $1400
b.Residential Interest Free Loan – $1400
c.STC Incentive

Customers get two options to choose from to pay for their solar power system – Cash and Finance
plan / BNPL.

Under the ‘Cash’ option, you can deposit 20% after accepting the quote, 40% for product / inventory
delivery, and 40% post installation.

Under the ‘Finance plan’ option, you can pay for your solar system via easy Instalments over a
specific duration.

A meter phase is typically determined by the different combination of wires used within the meter,
which can be further classified as single phase, 2 phase, or 3 phase. The purpose of specifying the
meter phase is to help determine the best solar inverter for your home.

Solar Panels

Inverter & Battery

Thank you for your amazing service from start to finish. Every job done has been of A+ standard. It was a pleasure to have Alex and his workers as they are exceptionally good and got the work done on time. I recommend using GEE Energy as your solar provider.


South Australia


Vihar and his mates were fantastic. I am happy to have chosen GEE energy to install solar as they are considered the best in their business. I was explained everything starting from pre-installation to the finished stage. The team was very friendly and provided great customer service. Amazing work!




GEE Energy was highly professional with their service and the installation process. The team was friendly, courteous, and very professional. Absolutely loved their work. I was impressed and would recommend everyone to go for GEE if you are looking to install solar.




The pricing offered was great. When I researched the market rates, GEE seemed to offer the best pricing compared to other solar companies. The entire process was carried out by GEE professionals in a smooth manner. I did not face any trouble and we are satisfied with the whole experience of setting up solar.


New South Wales


Great work and excellent service with little fuss by GEE Energy. The staff was highly efficient in responding to any questions or help. I would highly recommend GEE for quality work and a high level of professionalism.


New South Wales


We installed a 10KW solar through GEE and the entire installation process was as seamless as it could be. The sales professional and his associates explained the set up in details and they were just amazing. I am very happy with the service.


South Australia

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