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Both GEE Energy and NRN believe everyone should have access to cheaper, greener energy.

Our mission is to build a greener, more sustainable future for Australia while ensuring we provide more affordable energy, all while looking after our planet. That’s why we are committed to expanding renewable energy to homes and businesses across Australia through solar and battery systems, without any upfront expenses. Our vision is to see every home and business in Australia powered by clean, renewable energy, making the switch to solar easy and economical for everyone.

We understand the challenges Australians encounter every day in accessing renewable energy via rooftop solar and battery systems. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that eliminates the financial barrier. Switching to renewable energy is now as easy as changing your electricity plan. We’re constantly evolving and expanding our efforts to create a cleaner, more sustainable future.

At GEE Energy, we believe that by moving towards greener energy, we all win. We’re committed to doing our part to help all Australians, creating a brighter, more sustainable future for generations.

Making Renewable Energy More Accessible

Features of GEE VPP Plan


Complete Solar and Battery
System at Zero Upfront Cost


Smart Management of
Electricity Supply & Demand


Competitive & Consistent
Electricity Rate Through the Year


Free Ongoing Operation
& Maintenance

How It Works

With GEE Energy, switching to a cleaner, more cost-effective energy solution is a breeze. We’ve fine-tuned the process to make it as simple as changing your electricity provider.

Our team will assess your property, design a customised solar and battery system that works best for you, and handle the installation. We’re not just installing equipment; we’re implementing a whole new approach to energy.

GEE Energy brings its CEC-approved solar expertise and specialised energy plans to the table, complementing this with a revolutionary platform including zero-cost solar, battery, and EV chargers, if desired. It’s a full-service package, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Power Plant is a network of connected systems that provide power and other services to the grid. The VPP is controlled by a central system that manages the production and distribution of electricity according to demand. When demand for electricity is high, the VPP draws power from multiple sources and distributes it to the grid. When demand is low, the VPP can store excess energy in batteries or sell it back to the grid. VPPs help to increase the efficiency and reliability of the energy grid by balancing the supply and demand of electricity and can reduce the need for expensive grid upgrades to meet peak demand.

There are no upfront costs. Pay only for the power you use from the Solar & Battery system at a reduced rate. Fixed daily fees will cover standard network costs and VPP access. Enjoy all these benefits under your new, cheaper energy plan!

Your daytime solar export benefit is already integrated into your energy plan, so you will not receive a specific credit for any excess solar sent back to the grid during the day. To maximise your system’s benefits, it is recommended to use as much power from the Solar & Battery as possible.

At GEE, we take full responsibility for the operation and performance of your system, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We conduct regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure your system is operating at its best, and promptly fix any faults or underperformance issues that may arise. You can trust us to handle all the technical details and ensure that the system is functioning efficiently and effectively so you can enjoy the
full benefits.

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