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Quality solar inverters

What does an inverter do?

With a central or “string” inverter, DC electricity is generated by your solar panels and fed into the inverter. It then flips or “inverts” this power into AC electricity so it can be used to power your home. 

The inverter also controls the voltage of the system to extract the maximum power available (referred to as “maximum power point tracking” or MPPT) and enables you to monitor your solar system’s performance. 

As the inverter does the majority of the “heavy lifting” in a solar system and is the only major component with moving parts, GEE Energy recommends established brands with a proven reputation and performance.

The brands we use and trust

Benefits of solar

There are many benefits why your business should install a solar system

Solar panels

Solar never runs out

Solar is a totally renewable, reliable power source. Unlike fossil fuels, we have a limitless supply of solar irradiance which does not impact the environment when we harness it. There is no drilling, no mining and no harmful by products involved in generating power from the sun.

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Solar reduces your energy bills

Did you know that a large proportion of your energy bill is made up of the costs of generating and transporting electricity to your business? In some cases distribution, transmission and environmental costs can exceed 50% of your bill. By producing you own energy onsite via solar PV, you can instantly avoid all of these costs and make a large reduction in your power bill, particularly if your business uses power during the day.

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Solar has low maintenance costs

With no moving parts, solar panels only require occasional cleaning to keep them performing at their optimum levels. The frequency of cleaning depends on the tilt of the panels and the location (flat mounted panels in dusty areas require more frequent cleaning). Cleaning is relatively inexpensive and often comes with a complete system check to ensure that your investment is working to expectations.

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Solar energy is everywhere

Wherever the sun is shining, solar PV can be installed. This is particularly helpful for remote areas that may not be connected or supported by an electricity network. Solar PV can also be incorporated into a microgrid, where solar, batteries and sometimes generators are used to provide reliable power in the absence of a grid connection.

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Solar saves the planet

It is now a well known fact that installing solar is one of the most responsible decisions we can make with regard to reducing emissions. We are fortunate in Australia that going solar also makes economic sense, with the availability of generous government incentives and feed in tariffs. Given that most businesses use the majority of their power when the sun is shining, it makes perfect sense to go solar and save money and the environment.

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Solar encourages wise energy use

We have found that once our customers go solar, they become far more aware of their energy consumption and power costs. GEE provides monitoring with commercial solar systems, and this new visibility drives our customers to be more energy conscious, saving them even more money by switching off appliances that are not utilised.

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