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Landlords can derive rental income from their roof with no capital outlay

There is no other product in the market that has the same potential savings with absolutely no capital outlay.

Gee Energy’s solar Power Purchase Agreement

With Gee Energy’s solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), businesses that lease their premises can finally access the benefits of solar PV. A PPA is an electricity supply agreement where tenants or landlords buy low cost power from a solar system that is installed on your roof by us- all at no cost to you. The occupier of the premises simply purchases the power the solar system generates at a much lower cost than any traditional grid electricity offer.

Just like a traditional power station, we will own, operate and maintain the solar array. And just like a power station, we only get paid if the system is generating power – so you can be assured that we will install to the highest quality and efficiency standards.

How does it work?

A landlord will give consent for a tenant to engage with GEE Energy to design a Solar PV system for their consumption. After a customized system design is created, a tenant will sign either a 7, 10, 15 or 20 year agreement with us to lock in the cost of electricity at the discounted rate. We then install the system at our cost, with the tenant receiving a new low rate for any electricity the system produces during the day (which is significantly cheaper than traditional grid power). At the end of the agreement, the tenant will have the system signed over to them.

How can solar help tenants?

The tenant will significantly lower their energy costs without having to pay for solar. Outside of negotiating a 50% discount from an energy retailer, there is no other product in the market that has the same potential savings with absolutely no capital outlay.

  • Tenants can show their commitment to the environment by reducing their carbon emissions. This can also be a selling point to customers and can align with the company’s environmental objectives.
  • Having a solar system installed on a commercial business’s roof means the premises will have lower energy costs, attracting and retaining tenants.
  • Unlike traditional electricity offers where pricing can escalate at a rate far higher than CPI, GEE caps annual price increases to just 3% p/a.

What are the tenant’s obligations under a PPA?

The tenant agrees to buy all the power the system generates for the agreed term.

If the tenant moves out, the outgoing tenant can either organise to transfer the agreement for cheaper power to the new tenant, the tenant can offer to purchase the system or the tenant can terminate the agreement by buying out the system. In the first scenario, we may require the tenant to provide us with a sum equivalent to the Buyout Fee – and if the tenant can organise for the landowner or a new tenant to enter into a PPA within 12 months, we will reimburse this amount.

What role does GEE Energy play?

We will design and construct a solar PV system on your premises at our cost, receiving all relevant approvals and ensuring a compliant and safe installation.

We will provide you with a separate bill for the electricity that is generated by the solar system at a far cheaper rate than your grid electricity.• In partnership with our financier, we will install, operate, insure, monitor and maintain the system for the life of the agreement.

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