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Given that most Australian companies consume the majority of their power during the day when the sun is shining, installing solar PV is one of the most sensible economic decisions a business can make.

If you want the benefits of solar without buying the system, then a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) may be the right option for you. We will install, own and maintain a solar system on your roof- you just buy the electricity it generates at a lower rate than grid electricity!

Why GEE 

GEE Energy was founded by two highly regarded and experienced solar professionals with the purpose of providing quality installation services to the solar PV industry.

Operating first as Anaya Enterprises and then Green Energy Experts, the two focused solely on the commercial sector (10-100kW), where quality of work, attention to detail and safety performance quickly attracted several large blue-chip solar retailers who required safe, reliable and professional outsourced installation capability.

On the back of strong relationships with suppliers, partners and customers, they installed in excess of 50MW of commercial solar (making them one of Australia’s fastest growing commercial solar providers) to over 3,000 Australian businesses. In 2020 the company changed its name to GEE Energy, reflecting a move to providing grid electricity in addition to solar.

The team has expanded to around 70 employees with offices in SA, VIC and NSW with further recruitment planned across Australia and internationally in 2020.

GEE Energy have applications lodged for Retail Energy Authorisations with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and the Energy Services Commission (ESC) to become retailers of grid electricity and gas in 2020. This will enable GEE to apply its customer-first philosophy to energy retailing whilst providing a full suite of energy services to Australian businesses.

How does it work?


Install a quality system on your roof at our cost


Pay for the energy generated at a lower rate


Save on your electricity bill



Operate and maintain the system


Own the system at the end of the term

Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs, but it’s not always ideal to pay for a solar system upfront, so we do it for you.

Our aim is the help Australian businesses regain control of their electricity bills by installing energy solutions at our cost.


Pay $0 upfront and get solar installed on your roof


Lock in low solar energy rates and start savings from day one


Option to transfer or offer to purchase the system at anytime


Lock in a low solar rate escalated only by CPI


We look after everything including monitoring and maintenance over the agreed term

Green Credibility

Going solar makes a statement about your business sustainability

In the traditional energy model, you pay both for electricity that you use and for the transportation costs of moving the energy from the generator to your business. With a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you are bypassing all the transportation costs and just paying for the electricity the system generates on your roof. You will still need to be connected to the grid for when you require power at night or if you need more energy than your system is producing. When this happens you will revert to your usual tariff charges from your energy retailer.

Yes. Once you sign our terms and conditions, we will arrange everything for you. You only pay for the solar energy created on your roof at a low fixed solar PPA rate on a new, separate solar energy bill. What’s better is at the end of the term, you can offer to purchase the system for as little as a $1.

The contract provides an early buyout option to give you flexibility. You can also offer to buy out the system during the term.

You still need to have an electricity retailer and be connected to the grid. Solar will help you meet a portion of your energy needs, however, you will still need to buy power from your retailer at your normal rates at night or when your consumption is greater than your solar generation.

If the tenant moves out, the tenant  an organise for the landowner or the new tenant to enter the PPA, the tenant an offer to purchase the system or the tenant can terminate the agreement by paying the Early Buyout Fee. In the first scenario, we may require the tenant to continue to pay for the power generated by the system until the new tenant enters into the PPA.

It is in our best interest to have the solar system operating at its best, as you will be charged for the energy it produces. We will be responsible for maintaining the system throughout the term. Normally, if the solar is not producing electricity, you will not be charged.

As we will be contracting with the tenant, the landowner is free to sell the property. Providing the new owner enters into the access licence deed, (which gives us the right to install, maintain and remove the system) there is no issue.

A PPA, or electricity power agreement, is a contract between a party, which generates electricity (the provider) and the party looking to purchase electricity (the customer). In the role of the customer, a business entering into the PPA arranges for space for the mounting of solar panels. Their PPA provider takes on full financial responsibility for the solar system, including the installation, maintenance and ownership of it. The customer buys electricity generated by this system from the provider at agreed rates for an agreed term

Under our PPA, GEE Energy’s finance partner will own the solar system. We will also monitor, maintain and service the system when required. This allows you to focus on what really matters, which is your business.

Under a PPA you are buying all the power the system generates. The size of system is provided having regard to certain information you gave us about previous use of electricity at your site. However, as you know weather can be unpredictable so this and other variables can affect your generation which can impact your potential savings. If there is any excess generation and dependant on your energy retailer and energy tariff, you may be eligible for a feed in tariff by providing excess generation to the gird.

As the agreement is with the tenant, there are no direct financial obligations to the landlord. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure payments are made during the term. However, the landlord needs to give us permission to install the solar system on the roof.

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