Residential Solar System - GEE Energy 6.6kW SOLAR SYSTEM SA Fully installed after government incentives. Finance available - Pay the system off while you save! $0 upfront. As low as $3 a day over 24 months. GET A QUOTE $5280* *Price after STC discount.
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6.6kW Solar System SA

Special Offer @ $88#/month

Huge savings on a 6.6kW solar system, pay just $5280* upfront after STC discount.

(#Monthly price is based on 60 months payment plan to eligible customers)

Why GEE Energy

  • Fully installed
  • CEC Approved Solar Retailer
  • CEC accredited installers
  • Above industry standard 10-year workmanship warranty
  • GEE Energy is a Licensed Electricity and Gas retailer, approved by the Australian Energy Regulator


  Tier 1 panels
  High quality inverter
  10-years panel manufacturer’s warranty
  10-years inverter manufacturer’s warranty

   Suitable for moderate energy consumption
   Multiple Payment Options
   25-years of panel performance warranty
  10-years workmanship warranty


GEE Energy offers three affordable energy plans, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar today.


Cash Payment

Have the cash on hand to buy the system upfront? This allows you to be free of any ongoing repayments or obligations, and you can usually expect to be cash flow positive within a few years.



You can arrange finance through your own lender to purchase the system on your behalf, and make repayments directly to them. We are happy to liaise with the financier of your choice.


Select your place of residence to get the best offers on your residential solar system!

Contact Us

Contact us here to ask about our savings plan option

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