Residential Solar System | Solar for Home - GEE Energy Residential The most popular finance plan. Our savings plan offers immediate savings without the need to buy the whole system up-front and wait 4-5 years for payback. SIGN UP REQUEST MORE INFORMATION Savings Plan Chat-with-us-online
Our Savings Plan

Our savings plan allows you to start generating free electricity and save money on your power bills, whilst removing the stress about prohibitive up-front costs. Installing solar shouldn’t be stressful, so we have developed our savings plan, which offers:

Little to no upfront cost (depending on which option you choose)

Low fixed fortnightly repayments, costing you less than your current non-solar electricity

Immediate decrease in your electricity bill, from day one

Opportunity to receive a generous feed-in tariff, allowing you to sell your excess power back to the grid.

How it works

Tailored solution

GEE Energy will consult with you to determine how you use your energy and design the perfect solar system for your home.

Finance eligibility

GEE Energy’s finance consultant will check your finance eligibility and create a finance repayment plan to fit you and your lifestyle.


GEE Energy’s experienced CEC electricians will install your system. We will be with you every step of the way, from teaching you how to run your system to answering any questions you have after the installation.

Watch the savings begin

By selling your excess power to your retailer, you will notice your bill will reduce immediately by using solar power from the sun.

No two solar system savings are the same. While we can guarantee your electricity bill will reduce after installing solar, the exact savings are determined by the location of your installation, how you use your electricity, the size of your system and your overall electricity plan. Our top tip is to use most of your electricity during the day and try to keep it minimal at night. This will use power which you have generated yourself, rather than expensive grid power

This can vary depending on your location, possible obstructions on your property and the size of your system. Rest assured; Gee have sophisticated models that will help predict your savings which will be clearly communicated to you.

Again, this depends on the size of your system. On average, it takes GEE energy half a day to install a 5kW system. Therefore, if we are installing a 20kW system, it will only take GEE energy two days to install your brand-new solar system.

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