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40 kW commercial solar installation South Burnie, Tasmania, Australia - GEE Energy

40kW Commercial Solar Installation – South Burnie, Tasmania

The client’s hotel is a Motel & Function Centre based in the South Burnie locality in Tasmania. The facility is known for its wide-ranging
accommodation, bar, and catering services for up to 200 people.

30 kW Commercial Solar Installation Yarroweyah, Victoria, Australia - GEE Energy

30kW Commercial Solar Installation – Yarroweyah, Victoria

The client’s business is located in the town of Yarroweyah, Northern Victoria. The region is known for its various agricultural practices, mainly
dairy farms. According to the 2011 census, Yarroweyah’s dairy farming businesses account for 16.9% employment in the area.

25 kW Commercial Solar Installation Mildura, Victoria, Australia - GEE Energy

25kW Commercial Solar Installation – Mildura, Victoria

The solar installation was completed for a stone cutting and manufacturing business based in Mildura, Victoria. The company specialises in
providing high quality stone bench tops from various brands and uses the latest innovative technology in stone cutting equipment.

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