Ground Mounted Solar - GEE Energy GROUND MOUNTED From a 50kW on a small parcel of land to 50MW in the outback, GEE have the expertise for your next project. REQUEST A CALL BACK SOLAR FARMS
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Lots of land but not enough roof space?

A GEE ground-mounted solar system may be the option for you. We often find that farmers have high electricity consumption but don’t have enough space on their roof for a big solar system. Whilst ground mounting a Solar PV system is often more expensive than its roof-mounted alternative, the lowering cost of solar coupled with rising electricity prices can mean that installing a system on the ground makes sound economic sense. We can also help landowners install solar farms to either use locally or to supply electricity to the NEM spot market. Contact one of our specialist consultants today to find out more.


  • Accessible presence across Australia
  • Clean Energy Council-approved solar retailer
  • Post-installation assistance and support
  • Supreme Tier 1 panels and high-quality inverters
  • ‘Customer-first’ approach
  • Short installation time
  • Good corporate citizens with focus on sustainability
  • Focus on diversity and equality

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