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Tell me about GEE

Who is GEE Energy?

GEE Energy is a proudly independent, 100% Australian owned and operated energy retailer. We have been a provider of solar PV to over 3,000 businesses across Australia and have now received permission from the AER (Australian Energy Regulator) to sell electricity and gas to states in the National Electricity market (the NEM).
We know that’s a lot of acronyms, but all it means is that GEE has been trusted by the Australian Government to provide you with great electricity and amazing service.
So click here  to see what we can offer you, it only takes a few seconds!

Where are you based?

Everyone who works with GEE Energy is based in Australia, and our service centre is located in Brisbane. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and are dedicated to keeping jobs onshore. If you would like to speak to someone local to your area, click here to contact us.

Can I sign up online?

Absolutely! All you have to do is click here and we will manage the entire process for you. Its simple!

How is GEE Energy cheaper than much bigger electricity retailers?

Well, it is true that those large corporates get better energy pricing than us (some of them even own their own power stations), but they also have far more expensive overheads. Fancy waterfront offices, highly paid executives- its all paid for by you via your energy bill. GEE is a small, agile retailer with a lean cost structure -allowing us to pass on these savings to you.

Chances are if you’re with one of these big companies you may be paying more than you need to. So why not compare today?

Remember it’s the same poles and wires, the same meter and the same electricity- just cheaper!

Payments & Billing

How can I pay my bills?

There are plenty of ways you can pay your energy account. These include Visa and Mastercard, over the counter at Australia post, cheque and direct debit. Note that all of these payment methods incur charges (learn what they are here) except for direct debit. So, if you want to avoid bank and transaction fees, call us on 1300 707 042 or go to My Account to make the change to hassle-free direct debit now.

Can you help me understand my bill?

Bills can sometimes be hard to understand as there is a lot of information that you receive as an energy consumer. We try to make it a little easier to grasp here.

Can I set up direct debit?

Absolutely! Direct Debit is the best way to avoid the shock of an unexpectedly high bill by smoothing out payments over time. Plus, you will also be eligible to get our best available deal. Click here .

What is bill smoothing?

In some instances, your distributor will only read your meter every three months. This can lead to bill shock and cause real stress and anxiety. At GEE we mostly bill monthly to avoid this shock, and for those customers with basic meters we may apply bill smoothing. Learn more about this here

Can I submit my own reading rather than have an estimated bill?

Absolutely!  If you have a smartphone you can send us a photo of your meter reading and the meter and we can use this to bill you. More information on reading your own meter can be found here

Are there any late fees?

Customers in NSW, QLD and SA may be charged a late payment fee for not paying their bill on time (Victorian customers are exempt from late fees). If you have a payment plan set up or an approved bill extension you may be exempt from this charge. We understand that our customers have lots going on in their lives, so why not elect for direct debit  and set and forget about due dates for bills?

Please note if you are having trouble paying your bill, please contact us or click here  to see how we can help.

Why do I have a negative amount showing on my bill?

If your bill shows that you have a negative amount owing, it means your account is in credit. This could be for a number of reasons; including your quarterly usage being less than the amount you have paid (if you are on an estimated bill plan), surplus electricity generated by your solar panels or if you have received a credit rebate from GEE Energy – such as a sign-up bonus. The amount you are in credit will be carried over to your next bill.

Where can I see if I am receiving a concession?

Your concession amount is shown on the first page of your electricity bill under “Electricity Charges Summary”. If you would like to learn more about what concessions you may be eligible for click here

What does the “reference price” refer to?

For a long time, it has been nearly impossible to compare retailers’ offers on an “apples for apples basis”. Each individual energy company had a different formula for calculating discounts, meaning a “discount” of 15% from one retailer could be a “discount” of 30% from another.  Fortunately, the government stepped in and established a set formula for all energy retailers to base their pricing on, allowing customers to finally be able to compare offers with relative ease. This was called the “reference price”, and retailers can only show discounts in relation to this value. The reference price varies depending on where you live as there are different costs for supplying electricity to different locations. It is worth stating that this value isn’t what you will pay for your electricity (as it is based on a “typical” customer) but it enables you to compare retailer’s offers. Your actual bill will be based on your individual usage.

For example:

The Refence price (also known as the DMO/VDO) in your location is $1000- based on a “typical” customer who uses 4000kWh per year in your area.

Where a retailer advertises a discount 10% less than the reference price, they mean that the typical customer using 4000kWh p/a would pay $900 per year.

My bill seems higher than normal, why could this be?

Seasonal change

Energy usage can be significantly impacted by a change of season. Heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of all energy usage in the average Australian household. Air conditioners are one of the most energy-draining appliances in the home, and many households find that their electricity bill is highest in the warmer months.

Heating systems can also use a lot of energy, depending on the type of heater you are using. In the colder months you are also likely to be spending more time indoors, and you might see an increase in usage from your lights, television, computer, and clothes dryer.

If your bill seems to have increased in recent months, make sure to compare your usage to the same time last year to see if anything has changed.


If you have installed any new appliances in your home, or if you are using an existing appliance more frequently, you might see an increase in your energy bill. Your television, clothes dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher are likely to be the among the largest contributors to your electricity usage in your home.

Appliances purchased in Australia will have an Energy Rating label telling you how efficient it is and how much electricity it will use on average per year. Before you purchase a new appliance, make sure to check the Energy Rating label or compare models at https://www.energyrating.gov.au/

Household members and visitors

If someone new has recently moved into your home, or you have had a friend or relative staying with you, you are likely to see an increase in your energy usage. You might also see an increase if you have someone spending more time at home than usual.


If you have a concession card, such as a Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card, you will be eligible to receive a concession your bill. Make sure we have your current concession card details.

Billing period

The number of days in a billing cycle may vary. If your last billing cycle was slightly longer than usual, this could cause a small increase in your bill amount.

Money owed

If you do not pay your bill amount in full, the remaining balance will carry over to the next month. Check your opening balance on your bill to see if any amount was carried over from previous billing cycles. Look at your previous bills and cross-check with your payment receipt or bank statement to find how much you paid.

Price increase

Price increases can happen on occasion. We will always notify you of any changes to your electricity or gas prices. Check your bill to see if there were any changes to your energy prices. If you would like to discuss your plan with us, please contact us on 1300 707 042.

Estimated reading

If your meter needs to be read manually, a meter reader will need to access the meter on your property. If the meter reader cannot access your meter when they visit, you may have received an estimated bill that was calculated based on your usage during the same period last year. If you see an E on your bill, this means we have estimated your usage. Your bill will be adjusted when a meter reading can be done. If you see an A on your bill, this means we were able to read your meter and calculate your bill from your actual usage.

I need to reduce my bill, any tips?

There are lots of ways to reduce the amount of electricity you are buying from the grid and lower your bill Also, did you know GEE is also a major solar retailer, with 50MW of solar PV installed to over 3,000 Australian businesses across the nation? If you would like an obligation free quote on how solar could help you, click here 

If I am in Credit, am I able to have this amount refunded?

Certainly! Just call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 707 042 and they will be able to assist in issuing a refund.

If I am in credit and am changing retailers, what will happen to any credit I may have?

You will receive your final invoice, and this balance will be deducted from your credit and sent as an invoice. Any remaining credit can be issued as a refund. You can then contact the 1300 number after receiving this final invoice.

Fees & Charges

Do you charge for paper bills?

If you’d like to receive paper bills via mail, you will incur a fee of $2.00 per bill. This fee covers the cost of paper, print, postage and handling. GEE definitely encourages you to elect to receive E-bills – as it’s faster, less costly for you, and better for the environment. Click here to see a full list of all fees and charges.

Are there fees for disconnecting and reconnecting power?

Yes, your distributor (the company that manages the poles and wires in your area) charges for a variety of services. However rather than adding a margin or handling fee to this charge, we pass the cost through without any markup whatsoever. A full list of these charges can be found here.

Do you charge credit card fees?

All retailers get charged fees by credit companies or banking institutions, and these are passed onto the customer either explicitly or hidden in the cost of electricity. We like to be upfront about our fees, and we clearly state what we charge for all of our payment methods. If you would like to see a list of our fees and charges, click here.

Faults and Emergencies

Who do I call if the power is out?

Your distributor (the company that looks after the poles and wires in your area) is responsible for the safe and continuous supply of electricity to your premises. There are many distributors across Australia, and yours can be found on the top right-hand corner of your bill or by clicking here

What if the power goes out and I rely on a life support system?

GEE understands how important this issue is, and have created a dedicated page to provide life support customers all the information they need here 

Switching retailers or moving premises

Why would I switch to GEE?

We are a big enough energy retailer to get wholesale energy at a good price, but still small enough to be able to give every customer the attention they deserve. We constantly scan the market to make sure our plans are competitive, and we do not engage in any activities that have highly conditional discounts or confusing plans. Plus, we are 100% Australian owned and operated and have our service centre based in Brisbane!

Is it hard to switch to a better deal with GEE Energy?

We can’t speak for other retailers, but we make it super simple to switch to GEE Energy. It only takes a few minutes online , or you can call us on 1300 707 042.From there we will arrange everything on your behalf and don’t worry, you wont be without power!

What if I move to GEE but then change my mind?

At GEE, we don’t use in lock-in contracts or benefit periods to keep our customers with us, we believe that great prices and terrific service will keep you happy! So, whilst we would love to keep you, we will not apply any nasty exit or termination fees if you choose to leave.

I’m moving to new premises, what do I need to do?

We are the experts in moving! All you need to do is give us a buzz on 1300 707 042  or go online  and we will make sure the lights are on when you move in. The more notice the better, as we need to arrange everything with the distributor on your behalf.

Is my electricity supply affected if I switch to GEE?

This is a common misconception -because you are only changing providers (not distributors) your electricity supply won’t be affected at all. Your electricity distributor is the one actually delivering power to your premises. It is this company that looks after the maintenance and operation of the distribution network (the poles and wires), which GEE uses to carry our electricity to you (much like a delivery truck!).
So GEE accesses the same electricity supply as your previous retailer, making switching to GEE as simple as a pushing a button!

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