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Bill Estimates

We take bill shock seriously! That’s why some of our products have monthly billing, which takes the shock out of a large quarterly bill. It also helps you balance your energy costs, spreading it over 12 fairly consistent amounts rather than 4 large and unpredictable bills.

Basic Meters and Smart Meters 

For residential customers, a basic (or dial) meter is generally read by your local network distributor every quarter. These reads are then sent to your retailer, who produces a bill with three months’ worth of electricity charges. In some cases, Smart Meter energy data is still only retrieved by your retailer on a quarterly basis. At GEE we invoice our customers monthly to assist them with managing their energy costs and avoiding bill shock. This means that in some cases we will send you a bill based on an “estimated read”.

 How do you estimate a meter reading?

Initially this reading will be based on a metric determined by our Business Analysts. This is generally based on the average usage of your household or the households in your local area. At times we may use estimates provided by your local network provider which are based on your property’s historical usage. When we start to receive actual readings (or data) from your network, we will reconcile these estimates and start building a historical pattern of your consumption -meaning future estimates will be closely aligned to actual usage.

What if I do not want to wait for actual data?

If you have a basic meter you can take your own reading and provide this information to us. For information on how to read your meter click here. Smart meter customers may organise a special reading with us, however, please note that may incur a fee which is passed on from your local network distributor.


An Example

The Jones family has decided to use monthly billing to better manage their household expenditure and to minimise the potentially nasty surprise of a high bill. They use approximately 3,000 kWh per quarter (which is a typically $700 per quarter).

Based on seasonality and historical usage patterns, GEE’s analysts estimate 1,000 kWh usage per month (or a bill of $233). The Jones’ predicts their actual usage in-line with the estimate though it could be higher as Mrs Jones’ worked from home during this period. Following an actual meter reading the Jones’ quarterly usage had increased by 250 kWh (versus total estimated). The diagram below depicts the billing profile when estimated monthly billing is used.

Estimated Monthly Billing

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