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Gundowring, Victoria

System Size



Dairy Farm

Patrick Glass Case Study

PG & KA Glass Pty Ltd is a successful dairy farm located in Gundowring in the north east of Victoria. The rotary dairy farm houses over 800 cows producing 600kg of milk solids/lactation a year, demanding a huge amount of energy. Patrick Glass spent many years looking for the perfect solar system quote for his large dairy farm, then he found GEE Energy.

The Solution

GEE Energy provided the solution Patrick was looking for. Our engineers proposed a 50kW system for the farm, and in August 2019 GEE Energy installed Patrick’s solar PV system with 162 Canadian solar panels and two Fronius Symo inverters. Canadian Solar are one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world and have a great reputation in the solar market.

The high efficiency rating of their panels made them a perfect choice for Patrick’s large dairy farm. GEE Energy also installed two Fronius Symo inverters, as separate inverters allowed flexibility, resistance to failure and higher power.


After a year of owning a brand new 50kW GEE Energy solar PV system, Patrick has experienced annual savings exceeding 19k per annum. These savings have allowed Patrick to redirect his farm’s cash flow into more important projects, and his 800 cows are glad to know they are no longer costing the dairy farm more money than necessary!

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