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Yellingbo, Victoria

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Chicken Farm

Kevin Crehan Case Study – Kylemore Enterprises

Kylemore Enterprises Pty. Ltd. Is a poultry farm located in Yellingbo, Victoria; one hour east of Melbourne. After experiencing rising electricity costs due to a fluctuating electricity demand in Victoria and constantly rising energy prices, Kylemore Enterprises turned to Gee Energy for a Solar PV Solution. Kylemore Enterprises recognised a Solar PV system would not only relieve the financial pressure on the poultry farm, but also decrease their impact on the environment.

The Solution

In December 2019, GEE Energy installed 100kW of Solar PV across Kylemore Enterprises’ poultry farm and residence. 35kW was installed on the poultry farm, using 106 Seraphim Blade Solar Panels, which will generate an annual production of 56,565kWh. Seraphim solar panels were the perfect choice for the poultry farm due to their Ammonia and Salt mist corrosion certification. They are also renowned for their strong performance in photon testing labs and outstanding quality, reliability and performance. We decided to match these top-of-the-range panels with a Fronius inverter which is suitable for its safe installation, non-complicated instructions, and tracking and control convenience; perfect for a busy poultry farm to monitor their system from anywhere. Our consultation process included an assessment by GEE’s Business Development Executive (BDE) to analyse Kylemore Enterprises’ current energy bills and propose a suitable system. Then, a pre-approval and rigorous pre-site inspection was conducted before completing the installation and connecting the system to the grid. The initial online pre-approval was for a 35kw installation on the poultry farm, then a manual pre-approval was conducted to install the remainder on the residence. GEE Energy has installed over 3,000 successful commercial solar installations across Australia, and we worked closely with Kylemore Enterprises to determine budget and time frame. The following results are calculated on the 35kW system installed on the poultry farm.


Before Kylemore Enterprises installed solar, they paid an average monthly electricity bill of $1,726.50 on their residence, and an annual monthly electricity bill of $20,715.50 for their Poultry Farm. After GEE Energy installed the solar PV system, it is estimated Kylemore Enterprises’ average monthly and annual bill will both see a decrease in 47 per cent, with an estimated annual savings of $9,672.69.

Not surprisingly, the solar PV system has been running well and has significantly decreased the poultry farm’s electricity consumption. We are also ensuring the system is always running at full capacity as part of our ongoing maintenance service.

Kylemore Enterprises was facing steadily rising electricity costs until GEE Energy installed a solar PV system. The $10,000 reduction achieved through installing solar PV has allowed Kylemore Enterprises to increase their cash flow and take advantage of additional capital for important investments. Congratulations Kylemore Enterprises on your new solar PV system, and thank you for placing your trust in GEE Energy.

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