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Korunye, South Australia

System Size



Chicken Farm

Jorge Centera Case Study

Raccoons Pty Ltd is a chicken farm situated in Korunye, north of Adelaide, South Australia. Like most of our clients, Raccoons experienced rising energy costs and wanted some relief from their high electricity bills . After a month of constant communication between Raccoons and our Business Development Executive (BDE), Raccoons decided to engage GEE Energy to install two solar PV systems across their two farms.

The Solution

GEE Energy installed two solar PV systems in October 2019. 60kW was installed on Farm 1, using 200 Seraphim solar panels, and a 100kW system was installed on Farm 2 with 320 Seraphim solar panels. The client also chose to install 10kW and 5kW systems on two houses adjoining the two farms. GEE Energy offers clients a choice of solar panels and can source any panel approved for the Australian market. Seraphim solar panels were particularly suitable for the chicken farm due to their superior cell technology, resulting in high economic benefits for the chicken farm. They are recognised as the first panel manufacturer in the world to pass the Thresher test, which determines the long-term performance of the solar panel. To complement the Seraphim solar panels, eight Fronius Symo inverters were installed across the two farms. The Fronius Symo was perfect for the chicken farm as it is one of the first high-voltage, hybrid inverters on the market, and has a maximum efficiency of 97.6 per cent. GEE Energy’s consultation process was thorough, including an assessment of Raccoons energy bills conducted by GEE energy’s BDE to propose two suitable systems, multiple pre-approvals and a rigorous pre-site inspection. Then, the installation was completed four months after the sale date and the system was connected to the grid. The system was financed on a lease agreement of 84 months and Raccoons paid NO upfront cost.


We are proud to announce both solar PV systems have been running perfectly, and GEE Energy has been ensuring the system is always performing at full capacity as a part of our maintenance service.

GEE Energy installed two solar PV systems on their two adjacent houses of the farm relieving financial pressure on the business by lowering ongoing electricity costs. We thank the client for making the environmentally and economically friendly decision to install solar, and we thank them for placing their trust in GEE Energy!

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