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Cora Lynn, Victoria

System Size



Asparagus Farm

Michael Ventura Case Study – Ventura Manks

Ventura Manks Pty Ltd is an asparagus farm located in Cora Lynn, Victoria. John Ventura runs the family business, where he grows 140 acres of asparagus to supply to M & G Vizzarri. While John and his family have grown all different kinds of vegetables over the past 50 years, they recently decided to stick to asparagus. To effectively reduce their electricity costs, the Ventura’s decided to install two solar PV systems across their house and asparagus farm.

The Solution

GEE Energy conducted a thorough consultation process before installing a 60kw solar PV system on the Dumesney’s dairy farm. The consultation process included an assessment of the dairy farm’s energy bills by GEE Energy’s CEC accredited engineers, and a final proposal of a suitable system that matched their new consumption (and budget). Then GEE Energy installed the 60kw solar PV system in January 2020 using 176 Seraphim 330 solar panels and 2 Fronius Eco inverters. Seraphim 330 solar panels were suitable for the dairy farm as they are highly efficient and provide solid performance. They also have a modern and sleek design -so they look great! To accompany the state-of-the-art solar panels, GEE Energy chose the Fronius Eco due to its unrestricted outdoor use and convenient installation. The Dumesny’s chose to finance the solar system on a lease agreement of 84 months; with their expected average savings matching their repayments.


Prior to GEE Energy installing a 100kW solar system on the asparagus farm, the Ventura’s were paying an average monthly electricity bill of $7250.42. After GEE Energy installed the 100kW solar system, the Ventura’s experienced a 32 per cent decrease in both their monthly and annual bill, resulting in an estimated annual savings of $27,500.

We are proud to announce both solar PV systems have been running perfectly, and GEE Energy has been ensuring the system is always performing at full capacity as a part of our maintenance service.

GEE Energy installed two solar PV systems across the Ventura’s house and asparagus farm, relieving financial pressure on the family business by lowering ongoing electricity costs. The $27,500 reduction in their yearly electricity bills will allow the Ventura’s to inject more cash into more important aspects of their business: asparagus! We thank the Ventura’s for making the environmentally and economically friendly decision to install solar, and we thank them for placing their trust in GEE Energy!

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